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General conditions of sale


The Pawnshop - Monte di pietà of Lugano, by proxy of the local government, auctions the objects put in pawn for which it has departed 30 days from the expiration of the loan. It can also be auctioned objects on demand of the respective owners/debtor. It can also be auctioned objects sold by proxy of the Police.


The staff of the auction is so composed:

  • auctioneer that handles the sales (usually the holder of the cantonal licence or a someone in his behalf),
  • a direction's employee who he helps the auctioneer,
  • an auction secretary in order to record the sales, the withdrawn lots and to manage the absentee bids,
  • a cashier to cash the sales and release the relative receipts


The buyers have to legitimate themselves with an ID or passport (if it is asked to do so) and pay in cash the object hammered.


The auctioneer can exclude from the auction people in state of drunkenness, under effects of drugs, or anyone that can or could disturb the proceeding of the auction.


The hammer price is comprehensive of auction fee. During the auction, buyers can participate in person or with a absentee bid form.


Absentee bid form have to come during the exhibition days. Absentee bidder have to show ID or passport and to pay a deposit. The auction secretary will attend to the absentee bids in behalf of the bidders. Absentee bids will be charged at the lower possible bid and not directly to the highest bid written on the form. For this reason we recommend to absentee bidders to bid the highest bid price. In case identical bids are submitted, the earliest will take precedence, meanwhile in case of tie bids between absentee bid and room bid, it will take precedence the absentee bid.


At the beginning of the auction, the auctioneer establish the increments of the bids. However the increments can always be modified by the auctioneer. In case of tie bids the auctioneer can decide which one will take precedence or start to auction from the last bid. The sale of the lot will be valid and definitive after the third call for acceptance and the fall of the hammer.


The lots are sold "as is" without any warranties for the Pawnshop (as in the conditions of the International Association of pledging and social credit establishments) and so without warranties for defects, breakings, restorations, clocks movements, mistakes of description in the catalogue , missing of components and so on.

The meaning of the words "funzionante" or "perfettamente funzionante" is that at the moment of taking a pawn, the item was in perfect condition, but without responsibility for us for its functioning during and after the sale.

The buyers have to verify the lots before the auction, during the previews, if the description and the state of the lots coincide with their personal opinion. The auctioneer can withdraw lots for some valid reasons, only if the lot have not yet hammered after the third call for acceptance.


Participation in our auctions constitutes acceptance of these conditions. All disputes between parties will be submitted exclusively to the Swiss court based in Lugano.


These conditions may be corrected by the auctioneer, if he make an announce during the auction, but always before the sale of the lots. The auctioneer can also suspend the auction in any time.


For what not included in this document, the referring text is the Swiss law as well as cantonal laws. This is a convenience translation - only the Italian version is binding.